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Authenticity is more important than ever.

In the world of branding, individuality counts. Eigenlabel Merchandise offers that opportunity. Our assortment, with tens of thousands of products, is huge. This is how we position ourselves as the specialist in unique merchandise.

Looking for custom corporate apparel? Do you want your team to exude professionalism? Or do you want to impress with your promotional items? With us, you're in the right place. It's not just about the products. It's about the stories, memories and connections they create.

Our strength lies in diversity. We turn ideas into reality. We serve many clients. From companies and artists to influencers and sports clubs. But our services don't stop there. We know the challenges of today's market. That's why we also offer distribution services with our unique fulfillment services.

Fulfillment at Eigenlabel

The term "fulfillment" goes beyond distribution. It is a promise. A promise to deliver every product on time and in perfect condition. We manage inventory, process orders and arrange shipments. Every detail counts. From the storage of products to the time of delivery. This is how we ensure a smooth experience for our customers.

Experience plays a big role. It's not just about the product. It's about the reception, the feeling and the impact.

Honesty, versatility and value are at our core. We offer a clear approach, flexible solutions and competitive prices. And above all, we value the moment. The moment when someone receives your merchandise.

Do you want to strengthen your brand? Do you want to connect more deeply with your audience? Then Eigenlabel Merchandise is ready for you.


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Utilize yourcommercial potentialwith custom made merchandise

What can you expect from us?

Our versatility ensures a huge diversity in satisfied customers. These include companies from every imaginable industry, artists, bands, influencers and sports clubs. Together we will find the items that really strengthen your brand and message commercially. Always based on budget and wishes. Personal contact and flexibility are most important to us.

  • More than 25 years of experienceactive since 1999
  • One-stop shoppingwe provide design, production and distribution
  • Unique productsmore than 30,000 products available from stock
  • Fast deliveryemergency service is the standard
  • Sustainablewide selection of sustainable promotional items
  • Reliablealways 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Sample, brochure or advice!

Through our years of experience in this field, we put together items that fit completely within the "look and feel" of the person or organization in question. Feel free to contact us for free advice, our brochure or sample!

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